About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide postsecondary education that responds to a wide range of students’ needs including preparation for career seekers and career changers; skills upgrade and industry credentialing; English language learning and testing; college preparation and credit articulation. A BIR education equips students with the skills needed to surmount the current and future challenges of a computer-driven and technology-enhanced workplace. We are committed to enabling our students to think independently, perform effectively, and compete successfully, thus making our school an invaluable resource for the public and private sectors companies, organizations, and institutions.


BIR believes that education emphasizing new technologies, educational competency, and a combination of theoretical and hands-on instruction is essential for success. BIR Training Center wants to serve as student’s avenue for achievement whether a student’s goal is an academic transition, gainful employment, obtainment of industry credentials, or the fostering of cultural and intellectual interests. BIR Training Center is committed to providing an education that builds confidence in the student’s ability to succeed in pursuing academic and professional goals.

History and Affiliation

BIR Training Center is a proprietary institution of higher education founded in 1993 and that autumn the first 12 students began classes at BIR. In the 2016–17 school year, over 2,200 students, representing five continents and 75 countries, were educated at BIR. Since its inception, BIR has been expanding its educational programs in various academic and occupational fields. The institution has credit transfer agreements with several colleges and universities. To provide adequate student funding, BIR is an approved training provider for the Workforce Investment Board. The Department of Homeland Security authorizes BIR to accept and enroll international students, and we are an active member of NAFSA (Association of International Educators). Many of the school’s academic programs are affiliated with industry-specific certification and testing agencies. These affiliations are listed on the website and in the Academic Curriculum section of the catalog under specific departments.